Lindsey Cook

Professional Writer


You can find the best version of myself in my writing.

What does that mean?

Well, everyone is passionate about something—politics, health & fitness, the economy—but I’m passionate about making it sound good. I adore taking an issue or idea and turning it into elegantly written prose.

That’s why I went to school for English and Professional Writing. Creativity with a touch of business—the perfect blend. Oh, and did I mention I went to school in a castle?

My writing covers a wide range—from business proposals to children’s literature, I dabble in it all. I enjoy so many different types of writing because I want to live in a world where being able to express an idea well is just as important as the idea itself.

If you want to live in that world too—a world of elegant, clean, and concise writing—you’ve come to the right place. Check out my writing portfolio and get in touch with me at for all of your writing and editorial needs.